15 Ways to Treat Flu or Cold Quickly Without Drinking Drugs

Between the flu and the cold are both a disease that attacks the respiratory tract. However, they are different when viewed from symptoms, dangerous levels, causes and cures. Well, how can we recognize whether the illness we are suffering from is a cold or flu, for detail information : cara mengobati flu tanpa obat

Differences Flu and Cold

We may have been heard and shocked in the past by cases of bird flu sufferers that flu that attacks the respiratory tract in poultry and can also attack the respiratory tract in humans. Of course we do not recognize this disease with the bird flu is not it? but the bird flu disease. This is the difference we can see from the understanding first, then we will explain the symptoms, causes and dangerous levels and the drug in the following reviews.

Flu Disease

Influenza that we often call it by the name of the flu, caused by RNA virus belonging to the family Orthomyxoviridae which generally attacks poultry and mammals, humans are also included. This disease is contagious and tend to be heavy if left alone. Various health complaints felt by the patient can vary depending on the type of virus in which the patient. The most common symptoms such as experiencing pain in the throat, headache and muscle, feeling tired, reddened eyes with heat, nasal congestion, coughing, night fever accompanied by chills. In addition, the flu in severe conditions can cause nausea and vomiting.

How to eliminate flu and colds traditionally using natural ingredients? Below there are at least 15 ways to overcome it:

1. Increase drinking water with a minimum size of 8 cups per day or size according to age.

2. Consuming a warm drink like a cup of water and warm tea will help relieve throat and nasal congestion.

3. Spend enough time to rest and do not do activities that are too draining.

4. Inhale the steam of warm water from the decoction of turmeric leaves, ginger and galangal

5. Expand to consume healthy fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples and carrots

6. Inhale the aroma of onion or rub it on the chest or throat

7. Shower with warm water

8. Eat foods such as vegetables containing ginger, kencur and basil

9. Menum 1 glass of warm ginger water mixed with 2 HR pure honey 3 times a day

10. Prepare 1 segment of ginger, 1 segment kencur and 5 clove seeds. Brewed with hot water and while warmly drinking regularly 2 times a day

11. Consume fruit juice such as carrots, oranges and apples

11. Provide 2 lime fruit. Take the juice and brewed with 1 cup warm water plus 2 HR pure honey. Drink 2 times a day

13. Sports in the morning between the hours of 05:00 to 06:00 is enough with a jog, the way to relax while breathing the morning air to sweat.

14. Gargle with warm water mixed with salt to taste. Simply do it once a day

15. Consume garlic 2 cloves morning and evening