5 Preparation for Compulsory Before Childbirth (Labor) – Doing a lot of preparation in the last days of pregnancy is very important for a prospective mother. The condition of a pregnant woman in the last days before this delivery can facilitate you at the time of childbirth.

Ease at the time of delivery is the fruit or the result of careful preparation before delivery. So, as a pregnant mother should pay attention to some things that need to be done by this prospective mother first, please also read pregnancy preparation

1. Always talk to your baby
Put your hands gently on your stomach and then talk to your baby every day. Your baby is able to listen to her mother’s voice, even she understands what you say. Tell the baby in your womb how you feel about him or her in you and the positive experiences that you are so grateful for God to have him. Tell yourself and the baby that you do not need to panic and worry during labor later. Then promise to be able to pass through the process of childbirth calmly.

Usually such efforts are quite successful to help you to enjoy every moment while in the delivery room. After that the effect on each contraction that you feel will be able to help the baby closer. Although the pain may not be reduced, positive visualizations like this can help you survive labor when the time comes.

2. Keep yourself away from the busy life
Increase rest if at the time of birth of your baby is already a bush. But this does not mean to keep resting all day, you should also need to do light activities for the flexibility of the body is always awake. Various light activities that can be done by pregnant women such as writing, painting, listening to music, singing or other positive activities.

3. Read a lot on how to care for the baby
As a prospective new mom, you should be able to do many things to be a good mother, as will get used to holding and also breastfeeding babies, bathing them, changing diapers, giving baby gymnastics and others. But later on you will not have much time to seek knowledge about how to care for the baby after giving birth. Therefore, the best way to get all the knowledge about it is to read a lot about the ins and outs of care and how to raise babies during pregnancy, especially for those who are estimated to give birth again. About how to care for the baby and various ins and outs please see here.

4. Get keen-timan with husband
The last few days before pregnancy can make a prospective mother really stressed. Therefore sharing your worries with your husband and getting in-team needs can help you to reduce stress and also be more relaxed.

5. Pray more
As human beings of course all that we try will be in vain if without the love of the Almighty. Therefore multiply praying to God, even more than usual to be given smoothness and ease at the time of delivery later, this will also provide tranquility in your heart and make you more optimistic.

That’s the mandatory preparation before delivery (delivery). Hope can help you to reduce anxiety and to be better prepared for labor.