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Some Information about Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

You may have heard already of the new form of technology called HVAC that means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Electricity is used mainly by this new technology. It is also relying on the advancements in science like in the fields of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

HVAC is already made a branch of mechanical engineering technology. HVAC systems has the main role of controlling the air temperature in large buildings, offices and production areas, thereby providing a comfortable workplace and would lead to a higher productivity.

The increasing number of factories and buildings establishments saw the need to control the air temperature, and thus the technology of HVAC has to be installed to serve this objective.
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It might interest you to know that it was in the ancient Romans time that the practice of installing heated air ducts in the buildings had started. The invention of air conditioning was recorded to start after the invention of refrigeration, which came about after thermodynamics was also discovered. The cooling effect can be simply explained as the removal or absence of heat thereby cooling the air based on the law of thermodynamics.
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There is an air conditioning operation when heat is removed through refrigeration process that removes the heat in an area and transferring it to another area.

The central and air conditioning systems use the same air ducts that force the cooled or heated air into your space. Where places are chilly during winter time, central heating is a necessity. Central heating system can be fuelled using oil, electricity, gas or solar power. The primary heating appliance is usually placed in the basement. With steam sent through pipes and room radiators, the heat is delivered through air ducts. A good insulation is a key to maintain a good level of heat in the house so that heat will not escape.

On the opposite side, where temperatures get very hot during summer, people would generally use air conditioners to keep their places cool and themselves comfortable. The principle of refrigeration is by running electricity on the air conditioner units and thus heat is removed from the air. It is suggested that you get an air conditioner that can provide cool air during summer and can warm your air during winter.

Some members of your family could be affected as a result of the central heating and air conditioning that dries the air in your home. There are humidifiers, both run as battery-powered or electric device, that can improve the humidity of your home. If you have humidifiers in your room, your clothes and linens will be prevented from being moldy.