Diseases that Whole-Body Vibration Training Help Prevent

It’s easy to brush off whole-body vibration training as an ineffective exercise. What could be accomplished by simply standing on a vibrating machine? Other exercises, particularly the more physically strenuous ones, have shown to procure great results, while whole-body vibration training is just gaining in popularity. However, one can’t deny that this exercise is also extremely effective. It’s known to help people lose more weight, improve blood circulation, and more. In fact, this exercise has been adapted into the fitness regimes of several athletes, both professional and Olympic medalists. But what exactly is the best effect of this exercise to people?

Arguably, the best benefit of doing whole-body vibration training is the prevention and curing of various diseases. Within various parts and systems of the body, potential major illnesses can be thwarted and even cured with the help of this relaxing exercise. Here are just some of them that are serious and can lead to dire consequences if not looked into.


Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is the most prominent major illness that whole-body vibration training can help cure. While there’s definitely no guarantee that doing the exercise alone can heal anyone with this sickness, it’s medically proven to be an effective aid during therapy. Back in 2014, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health concluded that whole-body vibration training substantially helps stabilizes once balance and improves mobility. This makes it one of the perfect exercises for the elderly, which are those who are more vulnerable to catching Parkinson’s Disease.



The second most known disease that whole-body vibration training is said to help reduce the risk of is obesity. It’s widely believed that just 10 minutes of doing this exercise can shed as many calories as going for a walk. And while that doesn’t seem all that much, it needs to be highlighted that taking a walk is a lot more strenuous than doing whole-body vibration training. And if both activities can procure the same results, then there’s something be said about whole-body vibration training effectiveness in weight loss and ultimately, preventing obesity.


Heart Disease

Heart Disease is just about one of the worst health conditions any person can contract. This includes mild and serious strokes and heart attacks, both of which can substantially damage one’s overall well-being. This disease is usually caused by poor blood circulation, whereupon the heart is unable to receive or give out the right amount of blood to and from other parts of the body. Fortunately, whole-body vibration training is said to help open up the arteries, thereby improving the blood flow inside the body. Through thus, the exercise is able to help people avoid getting heart disease.



Another great benefit of whole-body vibration training is the strengthening of the bones. In 2003, a health study conducted by the University of Aarhus found that the exercise increased the rates of bone formation in the body, while compressive stress decreased. Through such results, whole-body vibration training has since been medically-approved as a form of therapy for patients with various bone diseases like Scoliosis. In fact, there’s even a special vibrating chair, called the Scoliosis Traction Chair (STC) wherein patients can use in order to cure and prevent the disease and its damaging effects.



Osteoporosis is a serious bone disease that makes standing up straight painful and difficult. Any person with this condition will be found hunching over and this might be his/her permanent posture if the illness isn’t looked into. Various bone-strengthening cures are always suggested, sometimes even required, in order to heal away the disease. Whole-body vibration training is one such cure. The exercise is known to promote better bone strength and is a relaxing one at that. Elders, the age group that is most vulnerable to this bone disease, are more able to do this therapy easily as well.



Arthritis is a disease that’s a result of poor bone density. In turn, whole-body vibration training is a tried and tested cure for such this particular illness. A Keio University 2005 study saw that whole-body vibration training improved bone mineral density better than taking a walk. They concluded that just a few minutes to an hour of vibrating on a machine can already heal and help prevent the contraction of arthritis, and since then, this exercise has been a commonly suggested form of therapy by several medical professionals.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Its uncommon for exercises to help with a person’s breathing. On the contrary, some of the most strenuous exercises can even lead to difficulty breathing, thereby putting yourself at risk of contracting various respiratory diseases. However, there is an exercise that helps prevent one of the most serious illnesses related to breathing. In a clinical study done by the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Schoen Klinik Hospital in Germany, they found that whole-body vibration training can help cure away Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a serious sickness that makes it difficult for a person to breath normally.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Apart from blood circulation, whole-body vibration training also aids in improving one’s digestive system. The vibrations help put certain organs in place and make them work properly and effectively. In turn, the digestive flow is not disturbed and you’ve reduced the risk of contracting serious diseases that affect this part of your body. This way, you can avoid irritable bowel syndrome, a sickness wherein you’ll feel immense pain in your abdominal area and large intestines.


Diabetes Mellitus

Whole-body vibration training is now an accepted therapy for curing digestive diseases. One such disease is diabetes mellitus, a result of irregularly high blood sugar levels. With the help of this exercise, as well as well-balanced diet, you’re more able to level your blood sugar and steer clear of this disease. It should be noted, however, that doing the exercise alone is not enough. It can only aid in the therapy but is not the therapy itself. Curing or preventing diabetes mellitus is all about eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Just because an exercise isn’t all that popular or common yet, doesn’t mean it should be done. With whole-body vibration training, these diseases and more can now preventable or easier to cure. And this health benefit is arguably better than getting a nice body.