Home Sperm Testing vs Laboratory or Doctor Assisted Consultation

As an adult, who have plans of getting married, you are surely hoping to have kids and live as a happy family. Well, this is a dream of every man and woman, even before they planned to settle down. But as a future husband, have you ever considered knowing, if you are capable of getting your woman pregnant? Most guys are not concerned about this issue, but as soon as you started living with a partner, this would be a part of your conversation.

Do you have any idea, if you have healthy sperms and how much you can produce? Guys naturally ejaculate when they feel that urge, but releasing this fluid does not always mean that you are fertile. For this reason, some guys have started consulting an expert, while others do the testing at home. They buy kits or do other methods online. You may even do it thru mobile apps just like what was discussed at https://www.52-insights.com.   

Why undergo this analysis?

Basically, a man must undergo this for a very important reason and that is to assess you for infertility. Here, you are recommended to go for semen analysis, especially when you and your partner are planning to have a baby. Through this, an expert will help you determine if you are infertile, the sperm count, and the dysfunctional sperms.

It is also used to test the success rate of a vasectomy. Of course, this is for guys, who recently performed the vasectomy. They need to go for semen analysis as an assurance that there would be no sperm found in the semen after the procedure.

Laboratory Analysis and Preparation

If you are going to undergo this analysis in a laboratory under the supervision of the experts, then you will have to prepare yourself. The doctors would like to get the most accurate results that’s why the sample must be at its best condition. As for the sample, it will be collected through masturbation or ejaculation that is stimulated via electricity. The sample must be kept and maintained at a body temperature and must be at the facility in less than an hour after it was released.

You need to be patient here because you are not allowed to ejaculate for up to 3 days before performing the test. If possible, you have to avoid drinking alcohol and taking prohibited drugs for a maximum of 5 days before the testing day. If you are taking herbal medicines, then give it a break for the mean time. And then, hormone medications must be avoided as well.

Are you aware that laboratory errors, sample contamination and stress are just a few of the factors that may lead to an undesired result? It is true that it was conducted with complete facilities. However, there is no assurance that the method done will always show an admirable outcome or will tell you that you are infertile. You can find here a few info on how this is evaluated.

Testing at Home

It is true that handling a sample as well as the substances you consumed could be a factor that may lead to the negativity of the outcome, when the sperm test is done in the laboratory. If that is how it ends, then how much more do you expect with a sample that you will be analyzing, basing on your limited knowledge and skills?

Well, I know that you find it more convenient and comfortable to perform such at home. I also know that some of you do not prefer consulting a doctor because of your fear to know the truth. In fact, there are even guys, who feel shy going for such clinical exams that’s why they choose doing it in their own rooms.

But you should know that the home-based assessments has limitations when it comes to analysis. First, it can only determine the sperm count and only focuses on the concentration. Most of these are not capable of analyzing the shape or motility. Let’s say that the assessment is not enough to determine the infertility of an individual. Therefore, if you needed more findings to be explained and if you seek assistance, then it is still ideal to seek an expert’s advice.