How To Easily Be Healthy With Drinking Tea

A great experience, and in the daytime where the condition is hot to eat drinking a glass of cold tea will feel very refreshing. That is a refreshing tea with a distinctive flavor. Tea has become a culture of the world although actually tea comes from the country of China, but recorded not only Chinese who became tea lovers but also various residents around the world.

The habit of drinking tea either green tea, black tea and sweet tea in the morning would be very useful to support our body’s health because the tea itself contain very high antioxidant content, so it is very good for our health from preventing cancer to our mental health. So can it can imagine how big the benefits of tea ranging from supporting the body’s health to our brain. Here are some simple benefits of drinking tea.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Tea contains a high content of antioxidant compounds is very useful for our health. Tea has a high content of polyphenol antioxidants useful to reduce the risk of cancer, because polyphenols are useful to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and tumors. In one study mentioned that drinking tea regularly as much as 2 glasses a day was able to reduce the risk of cancer attack as much as 5 times compared with those who do not drink tea.
Usefulness of tea as an anti-cancer is already long known, because a lot of research that mentions so.

Maintain oral health

Tea can also be useful to maintain our oral health, even better teas compared to mouthwash, tea as mouthwash also has a function to keep the health of our mouth by limiting or inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria in our mouth, this bad bacteria if not killed will cause cavities, gum infections and shared diseases of the mouth. Besides tea is also able to remove plaque better than water in one research mentioned that gargling using black tea for 1 minute can remove plaque 10 times better.

Tips to rinse with tea should not mix it with oranges, because oranges contain high acid so it is not good for health.

Improve our memory

According to research turned out to be useful tea to improve memory of brain, tea improve function of brain cell, so can increase cognition power like one of them improve our memory, beside others like our focus power. It is not surprising that in an office study it is found that employees who regularly drink tea to start a job or in working conditions often have better performance or productivity than those who do not drink tea. Besides that, employees who are used to drinking tea tend to be more friendly because they can suppress or reduce depression by changing the mood for the better.
Drinking tea, try to drink tea without sugar to maintain efficacy and also avoid drinking tea bags because tea bags contain dyes that are not good for health.