Improving a Double Chin: Found Out More on the Life with Lisa website

A double chin is not solely a problem for people with weight issues. Even people at their perfect weight can have sagging or full chins due to a genetic predisposition. In a selfie-enamored society this is especially frustrating because every picture will make people look older and heavier than they are in reality. Of course, a double chin becomes more pronounced as people age or their weight fluctuates. There is no single solution that will work for everyone trying to shrink or tighten the skin on their neck and chin. Many people need the assistance of cosmetic treatments before they have any noticeable improvement. There are three basic cosmetic treatments for people to choose for eliminating a double chin.

Surgical Neck Lift

A neck lift is very similar to the procedure for a face lift and many women choose to do both at once. The surgeon removes excess skin and pulls the remaining skin tight. The process does have risks and it does require a lengthy recovery period.

Chin Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction is used to remove excess fat pockets in the neck, chin and jowls. This procedure is sometimes done in conjunction with a neck lift. If done alone it requires only a moderate amount of recovery. During all recovery periods a chin strap is worn to apply compression on the treated area.

Non-invasive Kybella Treatment

A non-surgical solution known as Kybella uses chemical injections to dissolve fat cell and help shrink the skin under the chin. Appointments take only minutes, so it is the fastest procedure available. There is also no recovery period needed. Most people require multiple treatments to get the result they desire.

All treatments provide visible benefits. It is important to remember that no treatment will prevent the skin from sagging in the future or from fat redeveloping in the area. Good nutrition, targeted neck exercises and some supplements may help. The Life with Lisa website offers a comprehensive list of tips and techniques to help improve the firmness of the skin on the neck and chin. It is a good resource for people that want to hold off on cosmetic treatments or to retain their new look after undergoing a treatment or procedure.