Learn About a Drug Rehab Center That Doesn’t Consider Chemical Dependency to Be Incurable

Different organizations, researchers and individuals have differing viewpoints on causes of drug addiction and the most effective treatment. A prevailing theory is that addiction is not truly curable. Treatment at a drug rehab center allows the person to detoxify from the immediate effects, and to learn tools to help in the quest to stay away from alcohol and other drugs. The person will be a recovery addict for the rest of his or her life and will need to attend meetings of support groups. Staying vigilant and never partaking of mind-altering substances again is essential.

A different viewpoint is held by rehab centers like the Holistic Sanctuary. Their treatment program is intended to help participants recover fully with the use of several methodologies. The person is not considered to be “in recovery” for a lifetime, but instead is permanently cured of the addiction. This idea may seem a bit controversial in the drug rehab community, but it is immensely appealing to individuals who do not want to struggle with chemical dependency and cravings forever.

The underlying understanding with this kind of rehab center is that natural, holistic therapies can cure addiction, and that addiction is not a genetic disease. The therapies not only help the person detoxify from chemicals and provide strategies to stay on the sobriety path, but actually eliminate the root cause of the problem. Detoxification includes a switch to a remarkably healthy diet with organic foods and natural vitamins and minerals. The detox protocol not only eliminates drug and alcohol residue, but toxins from artificial substances commonly found in processed food. Clearing these toxins from the body allows full healing, including rebuilding of lost and damaged brain cells.

The therapy also includes intensive counseling that is designed to eliminate the cause of the addiction so the person does not have to go to weekly meetings or rely on support groups. Social, environmental, spiritual and psychological factors are all addressed. A program for a new lifestyle is begun, with the removal of negative thoughts that have contributed to the compulsion to use alcohol or other drugs in an unhealthy manner.