Massage Therapy Styles and Benefits

Massage has been practiced as more of a healing therapy. It relaxes your body and helps you to evoke feelings of calmness. Massage therapy has gained tremendous popularity regarding the benefits it offers such as the activation of the circulatory system. Improved blood circulation ensures that all the cells of the body receive an abundant supply of nutrients and oxygen. It also activates and strengthens the immune system thereby improving the overall health. Other benefits include alleviation of pain, reduction of stress, relaxation and low blood pressure. This article will enlighten you with some of the top massage therapy styles and their benefits.

Neuromuscular massage therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a medically oriented massage that manipulates the soft tissues of the body and targets the treatment of chronic pain that involves both muscular and nervous system. Neuromuscular therapy is also called trigger points myotherapy as it targets the trigger points that are the areas of strain or muscular spasm caused by stress or anxiety.

In these trigger points, the contraction of muscular tissues restricts the adequate supply of blood and nutrients to the muscles. Therefore, the muscles are unable to relax this results in pain and weakness of the muscles. Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) can address many soft tissue problems by applying pressure on the trigger points that helps in the alleviation of upper and lower back pain, sciatic pain, knee pain, cramps, and headaches.

Deep tissue massage therapy

A deep tissue massage can be defined as the application of pressure and gentle strokes that reach the deep layers of the muscles to release chronic muscular tension and pain associated with areas such as upper and lower back neck and shoulders.

This type of massage technique is used to break up the tissues that are injured and actively helps in the physical breakdown of the muscle knots that can result in the disruption of blood circulation and cause pain, affecting flexibility and mobility and causing inflammation. Moreover, the deep tissue massage therapy is equally helpful in releasing pressure from the trigger points thereby relaxing them and alleviating pain.


Reflexology is defined as more of a therapeutic massage that aids in relieving pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on feet and hands. The proponents of reflexology believe that pressure points are assigned the task of effectively connecting different organs of the body to the nervous system. Reflexology accelerates the healing process of the body by stimulating the nerves and improving the blood flow. It not only reduce the perception of pain but also tracks down the cause of pain and eliminate it. Nowadays massage chairs come with an additional feature of foot extension that allows to target the pressure points and provide instant relief.

Sports massage therapy

It is considered as the fourth most result oriented massage style specifically recommended for the athletes to increase their stamina and building of their muscles. Sports massage can further be divided into four categories.

Firstly, a pre-event sports massage that prepares the body for the upcoming event by stimulating the targeted parts of the body. Secondly, a post-event sports massage helps the body tissues to relax and regain their normal state. Thirdly, restorative sports massage is targeted to increase the performance and avoid any injury during the training process. Lastly, the rehabilitative sports massage as the name indicates it rehabilitates the body by the fast recovery from the injuries incurred from the sports event.

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