Myths and facts about Slot Machines

There are many spheres of life people are interested in. For example, it can be arts, sports, films, gambling at virtual casinos, and many others. Yet the things that stitch them all together are certain myths created many decades ago yet which are still passing through generations.

Needless to say that the gambling industry reckons the biggest number of superstitious people, especially those who play slots e.g. mega moolah free play, megabucks, etc and who believe in all these myths, mascots and even signs. From the other side, there are undeniable facts about slot machines that should also be taken into account.

Is it true or not: myths and proving

  1. Many players believe that gambling machines are designed for the same payoffs after a certain number of cycles has passed. This is not true since every single spin is random and doesn’t depend on any of the previous spins.
  2. When the jackpot is hit, the machine tightens up and the percentage of bets is less. But if the jackpot hasn’t been hit for a long time then there are great chances to become a millionaire or perhaps, even a multimillionaire. But not everything is so simple- slots operate based on random numbers, hence there is no difference when the jackpot was or wasn’t hit.
  3. Slot machines can be manipulated by the officials of the casino who work in a casino’s slot department. They do it to tighten up the payoffs as well as reduce the chances to hit the jackpot. Subsequently, if you want to win at least something, you would better bribe the staff. Well, speaking frankly, partially this information is truthful, as there are slots known as “server-based” but they are still in the experimental phase. 99% of offered at casinos gambling machines are classic and typical one-arm bandits.
  4. There are the so-called “slow hours” or “slow days of the week” at a casino. During such days, the payoff percentage is very low. But when the casino is very busy it simply tightens up the machines. This is a myth since all casinos do their best at finding the right balance between own profitability and a player’s satisfaction. Casino officials do clearly understand that if this or that slot is too tight, a player will never come back to play it. That’s why all the machines are made to lose enough so that the player spends a long time on a device.
  5. Somebody can play at a slot for hours and win very little and another person just sits at that same slot and hits the jackpot! It is not fair! Believe it or not but this is absolutely not true. All slots are run by a random number generator. Even when a machine is no used, it still operates. That’s why when you decide to play it and hit the spin button or pull the handle, the RNG picks up a combination at that same second, thus deciding your destiny. So, even if you stayed at that machine, it wouldn’t guarantee that you would stop the RNB at that same nanosecond for the jackpot to occur.