Weight loss and Clen claims


Health and weight loss go hand in hand. Many see weight loss as first step in maintaining a fit and healthy body. People are ready to try new things to be fit. Health supplements have become more popular in line with other products nowadays. Most people tend to use this and see this as an easy way to achieve their goal. Since there are many weight loss products and claims people tend to see and chose most reputed branded product. One such branded product is Clenbuterol commonly called as Clen. This product tops the list of products in weight loss category and is endorsed by many celebrities from cine stars to sports person. This claims increase the reliability of this product and boss the overall marketing value.

Natural metabolic booster

Many products in this category have androgenetic and anabolic effects. Products which have these effects claim to be in steroid category. These products are known to have more side effects and claimed to be non-neutral in many cases. So when compared to these products Clen clearly sets its mark. Clen does not have any steroid like effects when taken properly. It does not stimulate or boosts the growth hormone there by reducing any major side effects. Instead Clen is said to work in more natural way. Clen falls in to category of substances that are known to boost Beta-2 receptors in human body. Upon increase of these receptors, body’s internal temperature is said to increase thus resulting in energy level increase. This energy level increase stimulates the protein synthesis thereby promoting more fat cells to be burned. Thus significant increase in total metabolic activity aids in natural weight loss. Thus this product is seen as a safe option for weight loss.

Common misconceptions and dosages

Though used only for weight loss primarily, with slight alteration in dosages this product can help increase lean mass muscle of the body. Hence this helps athletes and body builders to shed excess fat and also gain required lean muscle gain that is required to bulk up. However, it has to be understood that this product does not give tremendous bulking effect as it has less androgenic and anabolic effects when compared to other products. This product will have to be combined with other weight gain steroids to attain complete benefits for getting a toned and refined body. For men, starting dosage with 20mcg per day and following two weeks on and off cycle will help. By gradually increasing the dosages by 20 mcg per day and following the cycle for 3-4 months with strict diet and physical routine will help professionals achieve required results. However, the dosages will have to be revisited if this is stacked with other products.

Over all reviews and recommendation

Despite few side effects which is minor when compared to other products of same range and due to its non-steroid effect this product is mostly used by many of them who just prefer weight loss. This product is also one winner among Women due to same reasons. Thus if taken as per doctor’s prescription and recommendations this product aids in weight loss just by making a significant increase in total metabolic activity in your body without causing major side effects.