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Natural Treatments for Hair Loss There are several people who have a serious concern about hair loss. Hair loss is one of the consequences of the old age which has to come. Hence, more products aimed at curbing hair loss and stimulation of growth of new follicles have emerged. Interestingly, most people don’t stop hair loss or get new hair grows. The right product to use for your hair care is one that you decide after getting right and useful information. Hair loss a natural consequence of old age. The problem is for both gents and ladies. To men, the problem is largely significant due to the balding effect. The situation is too fluid when it affects young men. It affects their social relationship with their friends, jobs, and business. The self esteem of the person stands to suffer if they feel that they look too old for their age. When women age, they experience rapid loss of hair.This is due to declining in the production of the feminine hormone estrogen and increase in production of the male hormone testosterone. This hormone suppresses the growth of new hair and increases hair loss. In a nutshell, change in hormone levels as age approaches causes hair loss. The hyperthyroidism condition can as well result in increased hair loss. If your hair is treated with handful products too often, it might starting falling off. For instance, if you subject your hair to deep coloring products, they will make it start thinning. The hair can as well come from the root due to heavyweight extensions and weaves. The result will be thin hair. A suboptimal diet can as well see these problem arise. Growth of healthy hair requires presence of vitamins, proteins, and minerals.
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Understanding the cause of hair loss is a great way to finding the right solution. The natural hair treatment works by creating a conducive environment for the growth of new natural hair and minimization of loss.
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For hair loss related to old age, some products can help you minimize it. Minoxidil is an FDA approved product that can be purchased over the counter with no prescription. Most of the other hair loss products have it as part of their ingredients. There is the Latisse which a prescription drug is taken orally. The reason, why it is a prescription only, is that has some adverse effects. An underlying medical condition can be the cause of your hair loss, and you need to visit a health practitioner to treat you. healthy hair growth will be made possible once you deal with this. Get food that has all essentials to boost hair growth and prevent fall off.