It is not only the use of illegal drugs (drugs) that can be referred to as drug dependence. When you consume drugs over the dose and for a long time, it can be interpreted that you have drug dependence. Although only used as an effort to overcome specific symptoms or complaints, relieve pain, or support daily life—for example, sleeping pills and antidepressants, for more information: rehab

Now, do you take the right dosage or even more than the amount needed? Then, what should be done if it is drug dependence? Check out the following review.

What does drug dependence mean?

Reporting from the Healthy place page, drug dependence can be interpreted as a drug consumption process that is carried out repeatedly more than the rules of use or not as directed by a doctor. This is done without thinking about the side effects that can result from this habit. On the other hand, it aims to meet physical, psychological, or both.

When you are addicted to continue taking certain drugs, it means that your body has adjusted to the presence of these drugs. Finally, when you decide to stop taking it, your body will produce different reactions caused by not meeting a chemical that has become a habit in your body.

What are the symptoms of drug dependence?

When the body begins to realize that you have taken too much medicine, it will cause some symptoms in your body. The ten most common symptoms include:

Stomach ache, nausea, and vomiting
Loss of consciousness (fainting)
Respiratory and blood pressure problems
Chest pain
Enlarged pupils
The skin instantly becomes cold and sweaty, and hot and dry

If you experience similar things and know your history of taking drugs in large quantities and for a long time, it is highly recommended that you seek medical help to get immediate health assistance, for more information: rehab cape town
Then how to prevent drug dependence?

Dependence due to consumption of drugs that are not according to the rules can be prevented in several ways, such as:

If you take medicine based on a doctor’s prescription, follow the instructions for using the recommended drug. Do not mix the consumption of drugs with other types of medications without consulting a doctor first.
If you feel the desire to take certain kinds of drugs in more doses, you should contact your doctor to get further advice than you make your own decision.

Is there a way to overcome this?

There are several ways that you can do if you experience drug dependence but still consider the situation. What types of drugs are consumed, how much amount has been destroyed, how long is the consumption are some things that are supposed to determine how to overcome this drug dependence.

Usually, the treatment that you can do if you have experienced this is to see a mental health specialist (psychiatrist) or counselor to help overcome the dependency that you experience, can be with therapy or other appropriate treatment, for example, adjusting the dose or changing drug classes.

Others can be done by freeing the airway or inserting a breathing tube into the breathing when symptoms have attacked the respiratory tract which is getting worse, giving activated charcoal (activated charcoal) in the clinic or hospital to absorb the drugs that cause dependence, and giving intravenous fluids to help the body excrete these drug substances faster.

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