It is undeniable that some men will be very concerned with their physical appearance, and the body becomes an important part that needs attention. Some men even have the desire to become a bodybuilder, is this type of sport an easy sport? How to become a good bodybuilder with proportional and athletic body shape?

Choose the Right Fitness Center

To become a bodybuilder, the main thing that needs to be done is to make the body fit first and then build body muscles with exercise at home. Without the help of facilities such as those in the fitness center, it is quite tricky if you want to become a bodybuilder.

Try to find the best fitness center that suits your needs so that you can do the right exercise. There are a variety of fitness center places you can go to, so look well or at least ask friends or relatives who like to exercise at the fitness center, especially a fitness center that focuses on training aspiring bodybuilders.

Planning the Formation of Body Parts

If you want to be a bodybuilder, of course, the initial thing that needs to be done is to make plans for the formation of body muscles. If you initially have excess weight, calorie-burning exercises are the most appropriate thing to do. This needs to be done to reduce levels of fat in the body before forming chest muscles.

However, if the case is that you are already thin enough, you can build muscle right away, that is, by starting to develop strength training first regularly and focusing on compound movements with a target on specific muscle groups that need to be formed.

Consultation with a Nutritionist

To become a bodybuilder, a man needs to have a proper metabolism, but the problem is that everyone’s metabolism is different, wherein the formation of muscles, some require a variety of additional nutrients. Consulting with a nutritionist will help you in making a diet plan that is suitable for bodybuilders, for more information: buy steroid


To become a bodybuilder, physical exercise is the main thing, and the goals for the body determine these exercises. In strength training, compound movement is what most bodybuilders can hold. Even later, a joint isolation exercise with training equipment is essential in routine practice, only the following methods are the first to be focused:

Squat – This exercise is very vital because the aim is to increase strength along with the size of the buttocks and legs. Even to build body strength can also do this squat.
Overhead press – This exercise focuses on lifting barbells carried from the chest to the top of the head, but the body position must be standing.
Pull up – This exercise is centered on pulling the body upward but above the bar that the hand uses as a grip.
Ben press
Row – This exercise can be done by holding a device, then trying to pull it forward and then keep it away so repeatedly.
Dip – This exercise is more about holding the bar, while the arms are straightened and lowered until the arms bend 90 degrees and then raise the body back.

Start training with heavyweights

In doing exercises to become a bodybuilder, it’s essential to start with weight training heavy enough to be lifted. To build muscle type also and adequately avoid injury, choosing the amount of load must be appropriate. If you want it more comfortable, use a spotter, and determine the burden for you that is already maximum.

For beginners, the most ideal is to lift 70 to 80 percent of the maximum amount of strength for 3-4 sets of exercises with 6-10 repetitions of the movement. When in the stagnant stage, keep in mind only 1-5 repetitions of movements while interrupting them during the weekly schedule once in a while. It’s just not necessary to force because it increases the risk of injury.

Make a Target

Creating targets for specific muscle groups on certain days is also very useful when wanting to become a bodybuilder. If you wish to exercise seriously, then start by separating certain muscle groups for you to practice in a week and on certain days, such as taking a day where you only train your stomach muscles and legs.

The next day, you can try doing arm and chest muscle building exercises. The next day, back muscles and shoulders are trained and back
in the abdominal muscles. For the last day of the week, do cardio workouts, and within two days, give yourself time to rest well.

Cardio Training

In order to burn calories where bodybuilders also need this. Cardio training still needs to be done and it remains essential to be practiced in balance with the process of building large muscles. Cardio training is not a type of exercise that can trigger the tissue to shrink.

However, cardio exercise usually makes the muscles grow more slowly. Doing activities with pauses is the best to try, which is to run as far as 16 kilometers with breaks of 30 seconds per hour. Then run as far as 8 kilometers with a gap of 30 seconds per hour. Cardio training can be stopped if you feel thin and your arm muscles can be felt with no more fat.

Eating Calorie Foods

Just like in a physical soccer training program, you are maintaining proper nutrition is very important. Eating calorie foods is also mandatory for prospective bodybuilders or beginner bodybuilders in building muscle mass. In a diet program for bodybuilders, calorie intake must be more than usual to adjust to the amount of daily exercise carried out in the muscle-building program and cardio training.

Consume much protein

Bodybuilders must continue to consume lots of protein so that the body can correctly process the formation of new muscle cells. Carbohydrates will not be too influential compared to protein and fat. Proteins that enter the body will be broken down by the body into amino acids which then become a composition.

Taking a Multivitamin

If you want to increase muscle mass, not only calories and protein, the body needs to get, but also enough vitamin and mineral intake. Multivitamins need to be consumed in meeting those needs, but of course, insufficient quantities and not excessive, for more information: steroid for sale

Drinking enough water

Another substance that is necessary for the body when building muscle is water. Muscle building exercises and cardio exercises can be a cause of dehydration, so you should not wait until the body loses many fluids. Lack of body fluids will also affect muscle development.

So, besides consuming a high protein, which means it also increases the working capacity of the kidneys, then makes sure the body gets plenty of water intake as well as balancing the protein. Metabolic waste will be produced by proteins that naturally need to dissolve in water and if the water intake is insufficient, the kidneys automatically cannot carry out the disposal process ultimately.

Posing Exercise

After exercising your muscles for a while, try practicing full-body flex or contracting your body while also identifying the particular tissue you are forming. Checking body proportions when posing is also essential. For this, seek input from other bodybuilders or even your trainer so you can further enhance what is needed.

That is a variety of ways to become a bodybuilder you can do and so that the muscles can be formed perfectly and stable. Have high motivation and commitment so you can get the best results.

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