So what are the benefits of trying to get on an alkaline diet? Check out the following explanation.

1. Protect bone density and muscle mass
Research shows that the more consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain alkali, the better protection one gets from decreasing bone and muscle strength as we age, known as sarcopenia, for more information: Alkalife

An alkaline diet can balance the ratio of minerals that are important for building bones and maintaining lean muscle mass, including calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.

2. Reducing the risk of hypertension and stroke
The antiaging effect of the alkaline diet is to reduce inflammation and increase growth hormone production. This has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and offer protection against health problems such as high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney stones, strokes and even decline.

3. Relieve chronic pain and inflammation
A study conducted by the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements in Germany found that when patients with chronic back pain were given alkaline supplements every day for four weeks, 76 and 82 patients reported a significant decrease in pain.

4. Increase vitamin absorption and prevent magnesium deficiency
People with magnesium deficiency, as a result, will experience heart complications, muscle aches, headaches, sleep problems, and anxiety. An alkaline diet will increase magnesium intake, which is also needed to activate vitamin D, which is essential for overall immune and endocrine function.

5. Helps improve immune function and prevent cancer
Research published in the British Journal of Radiology shows that cancer cell death (apoptosis) is more likely to occur in the body implementing an alkaline diet. Cancer prevention is believed to be related to changes in alkaline pH due to changes in electrical charge and the release of essential components of protein.

6. Helps maintain a healthy weight
Limiting the consumption of acid-producing foods and eating lots of alkaline foods can protect the body from obesity by lowering the level of leptin and swelling.

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