6 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat At Diet

Uncontrolled snack can indeed make a diet program so messy. But it must be admitted, however snacking is a fun thing that must be one of the hardest and hardest things to avoid, you can find here Various snacks

However, there is good news for you who are on a diet! Apparently there are some healthy snacks that actually can even support your diet effort. Healthy snacks are certainly also still good to be enjoyed and will not make you fat. Here is a list of snacks that can make your diet program successful:

1. Nuts
When talking about snacks, nuts are one snack that you can not miss. Its small shape is right to satisfy your desire to keep chewing. Fortunately, peanut nuts will not make you fat and even recommended.

Peanut is very rich in fiber, useful as an antioxidant, and can regulate blood sugar levels and produce serotonin for the body. Types of peanuts that are highly recommended for consumption at diet are peanut, cashew, soybeans, almonds, and walnuts. But remember, try to calorie does not exceed 100 calories.

2. Popcorn
This snack really fits to be a companion friend while watching the movie. Maybe at first you did not think that popcorn is allowed for dieters. But it turns out, popcorn is a healthy snack derived from corn kernels.

Fat content in popcorn is not much. In one big box only, on average, only 1.5 grams of fat and 93 calories. In addition, there are other content that is also good for the body of Vit B, Vit E, fiber, magnesium and also antioxidants.

3. Low Fat Ice Cream
Who does not like ice cream? This one snack is the favorite of a million people. Its soft texture and sweet and cold taste are addictive. Many say that this ice cream should be avoided when dieting because of high sugar and fat content. Eits, who said?

Although you’re on a strict diet, you can still really snack on ice cream. We have a lot of available ice cream is low fat and low calorie which of course will not make you fat. Make sure you buy low fat ice cream to keep your diet program running smoothly.

4. Dark chocolate
This type of chocolate is known for both health and diet. The taste of dark chocolate is indeed more bitter than other types of chocolate, this is because the sugar and fat content is less so no matter if consumed by you who are on a diet.

Black chocolate is not only good to eat, but also has some good properties for the body, such as blood circulation, skin protection from UV rays, and contain plavonoid that is useful to regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

5. Jelly

Jelly can also be your favorite snack while on a diet! The texture is chewy and also contains fiber can make you feel a little faster feel full. In addition, you can also process it with a variety of fresh fruits that would be good to eat even if you’re on a diet.

A packet of gelatin or jelly turns out to contain only about 10 calories, whereas if you add with sugar or calorie fruits will increase to 70 – 80 only. Not much is not it?

6. Yogurt
You certainly already know that yogurt is good for body and skin health. Yogurt contains the magnesium needed by our body and most importantly the caloric content is not high.

Yogurt is very good to be consumed by you who are dieting. In order to taste more delicious, there’s nothing wrong if you combine with foods that are safe for the diet as well as cereals, oatmeal, fruits, and biscuits.