Exercise for Seniors: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Active During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Provision CARES Proton Therapy

Exercise is an important part of healthy aging, but seniors are facing new challenges when it comes to staying active during the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing and “Safer-at-home” guidelines make it more difficult to stick to your typical exercise routine, like going to a gym or your community center. And the fact that you’re staying at home more often means there’s a good chance you’re moving less.

The National Council on Aging says daily movement can help improve many aspects of your overall health, including blood pressure, weight management, back pain and even your emotional health. So how much exercise should seniors get? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend healthy older adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. Older adults with chronic health conditions who may not be able to meet that guideline should still do their best to maintain regular physical activity.

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150 minutes of exercise might sound intimidating, maybe even overwhelming, especially given the obstacles posed by the pandemic. We hope the following tips will offer you some motivation and make it easier for seniors to stay active while at home.


    Staying at home naturally means you’re not getting out as much. That means you’re probably not moving as much either.  A great way to stay active while at home is simply remembering to sit less.

    Turning off the television will give you one less reason to sit. Keep the TV off and work on those home projects you’ve been meaning to finish. Find some fun activities like gardening or just taking a walk around the block.



Trying to figure out which kind of condom is right for you? We have the answers here.

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  1. Material

Contrary to popular belief, the first thing that you should consider isn’t the SIZE, but the material of the product. Condoms are typically made from latex, but some non-latex variants use polyurethane and resin. It’s important to choose the right material because many have latex allergies – and that could include your partner. Non-latex  variants are typically more expensive, but you won’t have to worry about allergies for you or your partner.

  1. Size

According to the product experts at Progentra.com, size is the next thing that you need to get right with your condom. It may involve a series of trial and error, but in the end you’ll know exactly which brand fits you right. It’s important to get the size right because if you get a type that is too small, the material might break during sex. If you get something bigger than what you really need, then it might come off, or the excess material would get in the way of the sensation.

  1. Designs

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10 Möglichkeiten, ohne Sport schnell innerhalb einer Woche zu Diät

für Detailinformationen : Fito Spray

1. Kohlenhydrat- und Zuckerverbrauch reduzieren

Wie man ohne Übung in einer Woche nährt, können Sie tun, indem Sie den Verbrauch von Zucker und Kohlenhydraten reduzieren, dieses super mächtig. Wenn Sie viel Reis und süße Lebensmittel zu sich nehmen, die viel Zucker enthalten, sollten Sie es jetzt schnell reduzieren.

Das liegt an Kohlenhydraten und Zucker kann das Hormon Insulin erhöhen. Obwohl das Hormon Insulin nützlich ist, um Blutzucker zu stabilisieren. Wenn Sie jedoch übermäßige Kohlenhydrate und Zucker zu viel essen und übermäßig konsumieren, wird sich mehr Fett ansammeln. Durch die Reduzierung von Kohlenhydraten und Zucker können Sie sich von verschiedenen Krankheiten wie Zucker, Herz, Nieren fernhalten.

2. Verzehr von Gemüse und Obst

Der Verzehr von mehr Gemüse kann auch eine Möglichkeit sein, den Körper innerhalb einer Woche zu verwalten. Einige Arten von Gemüse wie Gurken, Salat, Kohl, Sellerie, Blumenkohl, Brokkoli und Spinat können Ihnen helfen, ein Diät-Programm zu starten und auch einen gesunden Körper zu erhalten. Selbst wenn Sie viel Gemüse essen, müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen machen, weil Sie nicht übergewichtig oder fettleibig sein werden.

3. Die Menge des Trinkwassers

Wasser ist eine der wichtigsten Komponenten in unserem Körper. Die durchschnittliche Person sollte mindestens 2 Liter Wasser pro Tag für Erwachsene trinken. Mangel an Trinkwasser kann verschiedene Krankheiten verursachen. Ein glatter Körpermetabolismus veranlaßt Gewicht, sich zum idealen Gewicht zu bewegen. Versuchen Sie, 8 Gläser pro Tag zu trinken, dies kann helfen, den Stoffwechsel des Körpers reibungslos zurückzukehren.

4. Kohlenhydrate mit komplexen Kohlenhydraten ändern

Vielleicht konsumieren viele Menschen immer noch weißen Reis, während weißer Reis durch roten Reis oder was wir braunen Reis nennen, ersetzt werden kann. Der Inhalt von braunem Reis ist sehr nützlich, um die Gesundheit Ihres Verdauungssystems zu erhalten. Forschung, die beweist, dass der Inhalt von braunem Reis viele Ballaststoffe als weißer Reis, …

How to Utilize Aloe Vera for a facial mask – for beauty and skin health

Here we will share tips on how to create a facial treatment package using Aloe Vera at home, detail for : fungsi dan kasiat lidah buaya

1. Package Aloe vera mask for bright skin: Material: Aloe vera, Turmeric, Honey, Milk, rose water. Method: Make a paste shape with a pinch of turmeric, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon milk and a few drops of rose water. Add aloe vera gel to the paste, and mix well. If you have cut aloe gel into a dice, you need to stir it gently. Mix the whole mixture to form a paste. Apply the paste evenly on face and neck for about 20 minutes. Then wash your face with warm or cold water, then dry with a clean towel to get the bright skin glowing.

2. Package Aloe vera mask to remove Tan: Tan is a common problem facial for those living in the tropics, and also very difficult to overcome. Try this simple anti-tan face mask package to remove the tan effectively. Ingredients: Aloe vera, Lemon juice. Method: Apply aloe vera gel paste and lemon juice to the area. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing it. Or, you can also make the same mixture, and rub it on the affected area of ​​skin.

3. Package of Aloe Vera Mask to treat Pigmentation mark on face: Material: Aloe vera, rose water. Methods: The spots of aging, acne scars, pigmentation marks, burns or scars can be treated by using aloe vera gel. Just by making a paste of aloe vera extract and rose water, then flatten it on the face for 20 minutes. After that rinse with cold water. This package is also useful to clean the pores of the face. Aloe vera gel paste should be massaged-massage the face for 2-3 minutes to …

How Cancer Medicines Are Transformed to Help Cancer Patients

Cancer is among the deadliest health conditions in this world that keep on claiming thousands of lives. Treatment of cancer is complicated and challenging because the cancerous cells carry the same DNA as the human normal cell. That being said, there are a number of centres really advancing in the treatment of cancer. For example, cancer treatment in Mexico is really progressing in developing new techniques to cure cancer. Producing a drug that can only kill cancerous cells has been a challenge for many years. The body’s immune cells like gamma interferon are the only defense that play a role in killing cancerous cells in the body, but when the cancer spread fast, these defense cells end up being overthrown and the cancer progress to lethal stages.


The Goal of Cancer Treatment

In palliative care, the healthcare professionals are devoted to treat cancer, manage pain and take care of the psychological wellbeing of the patient. Initially, patients used to be given chemo drugs, analgesics and ant-psychotic drugs to take care of the cancer, pain, and anxiety respectively. Looking at this dose, the cancer patients used to take a lot of medications which some of them resulted to devastating side effects that even endangered the life of the patients. The current cancer medications are made to heal the patient in all aspects. The medications are made to have an effect on psychological wellbeing, pain and counter attack the spread of cancer. Owing to this combined healing capability of the drug, the patient only takes a small amount of the medication thereby lowering the possible side effects.


More Medications That Are Cancer Specific Are Being Manufactured

As explained earlier, cancer cells bear the DNA of the normal cells. The probability of normal cells being destroyed by cancer treatment interventions is …