A meeting was held at Midtown Global Market, where state officials were providing free advice on insurance claims for businesses that were damaged in Minneapolis due to the protests over the murder of George Floyd. The room was filled in an instant and there was even a line that went outside the door.

The Lake Street neighborhood experienced losses summing up to millions of dollars, which was majorly businesses owned and ran by immigrants from the Latino and East African communities. Traders need every assurance that the proper step is being taken to get back on their feet.

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Three tobacco shops were operated by Moe Amaro within and outside the Lake Street neighborhood. The first, Quality Tobacco in Whittier was burned down while most of the inventories in Hennepin Tobacco in the East Isles and Uptown Tobacco in the Wedge were stolen. Amaro indicated that Gov. Tim Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey were to blame for not properly safeguarding the city during the crisis. He has filed for an insurance claim, but is yet to receive a response and he’s worried that his coverage might not be sufficient.

Amaro stated that they were waiting to see what will happen in the city.

But this wait could be longer. Although officials of Minneapolis present at Midtown promised to support the city, municipal aid won’t be coming anytime soon. The city’s department representative for the Community Planning and Economic Department, Erik Hansen stated that answers and quick solutions should not be expected.

A CPED official at the event in Midtown, Monica Romero informed owners of businesses, that tax relief will be granted to damaged businesses from the assessor’s office and currently, these businesses won’t be disturbed for city licenses.

About $100 million to more than $500 million have been estimated for the cost of rebuilding. To obtain an approximate amount might take a long time, according to Hansen. Private properties and businesses having several insurance companies and policies were majorly affected by the crisis.

A partner with Mason LLP, a law agency in Minneapolis that is helping individuals affected by civil rest, Margo Brownell stated that insurance claims might appear direct but it is usually not.

Brownell, who is an expert in insurance claim litigation indicated that claims from the civil unrest are majorly at the early stages which could last for about a year before a resolution. The easiest is usually the worst cases where a complete loss has occurred and the policy limit will then be paid by insurers. She stated that the insurance company has been very friendly with most of the clients she has helped with insurance claims.

However, a lot of challenges were also observed, which comprises a significant amount of underinsurance. Many individuals have insured their properties, insured lost income, and insured their wares, but no one has insured for all three. Merchants are usually different in the level of relationship kept with the insurer with regards to their business for many years, stated Brownell.

A business, whose insurer wished to run a credit check on their business before handling their claims, which is not supposed to happen, had to reach out to Brownell. She stated that most individuals had to contact the company to gain insights into the complete policy and review adjuster’s claim against their policy.

Brownell stated that it is important to seek help if the things happening seems to be getting out of control.

Apart from the Maslon agency, there is a clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School that focuses on insurance law that can help individuals with questions about claims.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce’s representative that was responsible for organizing the Midtown event told business owners that the state can assist in filing for claims. The state informed business owners to file for claims without delay and provided the basic steps on how to handle the entire process. Business owners can always file a complaint at the Department of Commerce if their claims are rejected or not completely resolved as expected, as the Commerce department can find a solution using both informal and formal methods.

However, it is not that all affected businesses around the Lake Street have insurance. The owner of Joyeria Ashley located in Plaza Mexico, Tomasa Cortez claimed that she has no insurance that can fix the broken door that occurred during the unrest. However, she believed that she would receive support from Lake Street council, an NGO in the neighborhood, which had been able to generate about 6 million dollars to repair the area.

An audit director of the enforcement division in the Department of Commerce, Dan Bryden stated that the number of uninsured and underinsured damaged businesses has been surprising to the state. This fact has backed up a claim for a more significant and extensive relief for the affected businesses.

He stated that many people who are either underinsured or don’t have insurance will have to opt for grants.

The Lake Street Council started receiving applications for the first set of grants of $3 million for affected businesses and nonprofit organizations. Any applicant must have suffered damage in their physical location in the Lake Street Neighborhood from West River Parkway to St. Louis Park Border. Their physical address must be in the north of 34th street and south of 26th street. Businesses that are eligible can apply for up to $25,000 although the council expects the reward to be an average of $10,000. The council stated in a press release that about 33 businesses were destroyed and 250 businesses were damaged in the neighborhood.

The Executive Director of the Latino Economic Development Center, Henry Jimenez indicated in a press release that even though the community was strong, these kind of funds are required to restructure the culture and business. He said that most businesses began with very little capital, an entrepreneurial spirit, and solid work ethic and although they are hurt in spirit, they are not yet entirely broken.

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