With the roads getting busier by the day, accidents are bound to happen. With insurance companies having to foot the bill for such accidents, they are looking to cut down the cost of accidents by using technology to prevent such accidents from taking place in the first place.

If there is technology available to send real-time data of every single vehicle on the road, imagine the impact that it would have on the number of truck accidents that happen? As it would happen, we are very close to that day when this becomes a reality.

Safety features with automation built in are slowly becoming the norm for trucks on the highways like auto-braking for instance. With real-time data streaming, this will help to drastically reduce accidents and costs associated with such accidents.

There are around 3.5 million truckers on the highways of America alone, with over 10.5 billion tons of freight being transported all across the country with revenues reaching over 700 billion, making this a gargantuan industry that is still expanding. But there are huge costs associated with trucking that results in the driver’s wages not having parity with workers of other industries. The industry in the United States is also highly regulated due to safety being the main concern.

The trucking industry is one of the most difficult industries in the United States with around one out of every six workers in America killed while working on the job is a trucker. Whilst trucking companies must bear the costs of procuring and maintaining equipment, the insurance companies’ cost also increases with increasing accident rates.

Top retail giants with a huge reliance on the trucking industry have started introducing new technology in their trucks to make their fleet smarter and accessible anytime from whatever location they are based at.

Technology like smart dash cam cameras fitted to the truck can help simplify insurance claims and costs by providing crucial evidence in the case of accidents that can help trucking companies and insurers come to an agreement, and also in preventing future accidents by studying the patterns of truckers and coming up with safer solutions that can help truckers be much more safe in their driving.

New connected apps are making it much more convenient for drivers to gas up their trucks and pay for the gas from right inside the cab of the trucks without them having to get down. Like the blackbox technology present in aircraft that records crucial data from the flight during critical moments of the flight, which can be used later to determine the cause of an accident (if one happens) easily. Such technology can be placed in trucks as well though dash cameras that are triggered during critical events like hard braking, unusual forces and similar events.

The smart connectivity market is worth 3.5 billion dollars right now per year, and it is only projected to grow at an astronomical rate in the coming year, and this will definitely benefit the trucking industry, the insurers and the other commuters on the highways making this a win-win for everyone.

Ways to Save Money On Your Healthcare Costs

Quality healthcare comes with a lot of costs – be it bigger deductibles, unaffordable premiums and co-pay rates that are ridiculously high, we can all agree that the cost is only going to increase further. As a result of higher costs, people are missing out on treatment or are deliberately postponing doctor’s appointments – which is ultimately going to reflect in their health. In this article, we will look at some ways in which you can save some money and still get good healthcare.

Galloway Dental does accept various insurances for dental procedures.  However, dental implants Miami may not be covered and you should contact the office directly to determine if your insurance would qualify.

  1. Estimate the cost of heathcare using comparison websites

Most people are ignorant of the costs that doctors charge for treatments because they just show up at the hospital. Only 3 percent of people that go to a hospital to get treated are actually knowledgable about the charges for treatment because they have taken the time to go through websites that give you an indicator of what the cost could be.

  1. Get to know which treatments can be accessed for free

As long as you are in your insurance plan and also thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you are entitled to some preventive treatments at no cost. Treatments like blood pressure tests, colonoscopies, nutritional advice and vaccinations among others are available for free, and this fact will definitely surprise most people.

  1. Discounts at the drug store

Branded drugs cost a lot of money and most of that just goes towards the branding. There are tons of generic drugs available in the market with the same composition and effectivity as the branded drugs at a fraction of the price. Talk with your pharmacist and see if you can drum up some discounts on your drug bills either through a discount program or with generic drugs.

  1. Talk to your doctor

It is better to talk to your doctor at the moment of treatment to find out whether he/she can prescribe alternate drugs which are cheaper and can save you a ton of money on your treatments. If you can let the doctor know your situation, they will definitely help you out in this regard. They might also have access to some free medication, which they can give you if you talk to them.

  1. Use the tax breaks properly

Putting your money into a health savings account (HSA) can help you save a ton of money on your tax, and look after costs that are not covered under your insurance plan.There is a maximum limit on a HSA plan, which is around $3450 a year for an individual and around $6900 for a family, and it is advisable that you utilise this fund to the maximum limit possible.

  1. Schedule your care

Make sure that you keep track of your spending on healthcare throughout the year and view that with regard to your deductible amount that is calculated afresh every year. If you can reschedule an appointment or a procedure that you know will cost you a lot of money in the early part of the year (if you can), it will save you a lot of money on your premiums.

What’s causing the Numbness in My Neck and How Do I Treat It?

When we talk about numbness in the neck, we are talking about you feeling a tingling sensation in your neck or your neck feeling unresponsive. The underlying issue here has to do with your spinal cord and related nerves. In more serious cases, it could be caused by sclerosis or migraines.

There are many causes for numbness in the neck and these can result in neck pain. Most of these causes can be treated. In this article, we will see a few issues that can cause this and look at the treatment options that you have.

Pinched Nerve:

This happens when a nerve in the neck gets pressed down at the stop where it diverts away from your spinal cord. It can happen due to the natural ageing process or by an injury caused by an accident. The symptoms for this can manifest as a numbness in the hand, weakness in your arms and accompanying pain. This can be treated mostly by medication and with good therapy – but serious cases require surgical intervention to relieve the pressure on the nerve.

Neck Injury:

Injuries to the neck, be it at a sports event or in a road accident can result in pain that extends to the arms and shoulders, headaches, giddiness, muscle stiffness and so forth. This is not something that can be cured with medication alone – but requires a visit to the doctor as this is serious.

Nerve Damage:

Nerves are thin bundles of fibers that connect the nervous system to the rest of the body. They are quite resilient but can become damaged over time due to injuries or bad habits like wrong postures and so forth. Nerve damage in the neck is mostly due to issues with the spinal discs and needs to be looked at by a professional doctor, as this may cause issues with movement and walking later.


When you are stressed out, your muscles start to tense up, and this can be detrimental in the case of the neck muscles. This tensing up usually results in pain and stiffness in the neck. Relaxing these muscles is the solution to this problem.


Cervical Spondylosis is the other name for Arthritis in the neck region, and this happens due to age. This mostly does not have any visible symptoms, but could show up as neck pain and a stiffness that will seem to clear up as you change your posture.


How to diagnose neck numbness:

When you visit your health care professional, he/she will start off by asking you about your health, whether you’ve met with any accidents recently and about any symptoms that you might be having. Once that is done, the doctor will examine you and try to determine the cause. If there is nothing detected, they might order a round of tests that include X-Rays, CT scan and other tests to see whether anything is wrong. Once they detect the cause of the pain, they will suggest the appropriate treatments that need to be done in order to correct the cause and reduce the pain.


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