Dogs are faithful animals and have been friends of human beings for years. That’s because they are favorite pet animals for people. Sometimes, people go for a walk, camping, or hiking where a dog can be a good companion on those journeys.

If you go outside of the home for such a walk, you need to control your dog very well. In this regard, a tactical vest can help you a lot. You can easily control your dog wherever you are. A dog vest must have to be durable, handy, and comfortable for the dog.

When it comes to choosing the best tactical dog vest, you might get overwhelmed by seeing plenty of options out there. That’s why we’re here to provide a review of a great dog vest below so that you can select the right one for your beloved dog.

The Dog Pack from OneTigris is one of the best tactical dog vests, which is made of a variety of durable materials. This comfortable ensures an adjustable fit so that your dog can move around easily wearing this vest. It also features several things that you should consider before purchasing the best one. So, let’s check them below.

Durable Construction

This dog vest is available in two different materials, including cotton canvas, and 1000d nylon. Keep in mind that these materials have slight differences in price. Cotton canvas is the more traditional material used in making backpacks, while nylon comes from synthetic fabrics. Cotton canvas is very tough and durable. These packs are not coated with wax, so they are not waterproof.

Multiple Colors

This excellent dog vest comes in three different colors, brown, black, and tan. These colors also depend on what material type you pick. The cotton canvas material is only available in brown, while the nylon material is available in black, coyote brown, and tan. These colors have some reflective stripes, so you’ll be able to see your dog in the dark.

Handle and Straps

The backpack comes with one handle and three straps. The handle is on top of the backpack. It can be used to control your dog quickly. Using the handle to lift your dog puts too much pressure on his ribcage, which can be very dangerous. For the straps, these provide proper weight distribution. Remember that these are not padded straps.

Metal D-Rings

If you don’t have a harness or a collar, you don’t need to worry because this pack features two metal d-strings. One is at the front, and the other is at the back. With these, you can easily take your dog for a walk. This can serve as two different kinds of harnesses, front and back, rather than just front like most other backpacks.


  • Comes with cotton canvas
  • Features two main zipper side compartments
  • Offers multifunctional backpack
  • Includes three adjustable straps
  • Ensures fittings with medium and large size dogs


  • Not waterproof at all


After all, this dog vest includes almost everything that you may want to have in such a tactical gear. Since you want to go for some outdoor activities with your dogs, you have to look after its comfort. For this reason, this dog vest can be a helpful option for you. If you pick this vest for your dog, we hope you won’t be disappointed.


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