Last week, the Planning and Zoning Board collectively gave the green light to the site plan for a 300-unit mixed-use development project off N. Federal Hwy in Pompano Beach.

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It used to be one of the final steps of an approval method that started a number of years ago. It began with a land-use change, and then it was closely followed by rezoning the property while developing controversy amongst residents within the area.

The project, tagged Harborside At Hidden Harbour, has a proposed site at the east of Federal Highway, north of NE 14th St. Causeway and south of NE 16th Street, with NE 23rd Avenue running north-to-south through the middle of it. The project will be part of the adjoining marine facility, Aquamarina Hidden Harbour. The marine facility will be a part of the project upon its completion.

The new project will boast of a 9-story mixed-use building. It will be located along N. Federal Highway. In addition, there will be a residential building stationed in front of NE 16th Street. This residential building on NE 16th Street will take over from the current boatyard currently on that location. The building will start out as three stories before transitioning from six to eight stories, and finally nine stories.

At completion, the building will house 141 one-bedroom units, 137 two-bedroom units, and 22 three-bedroom units. The majority of these will be open for rentals.

Approval of the project didn’t come without its complications. The various City Commission meetings saw the numerous residents oppose the project. The primary concern was the height of the building, increase in traffic, as well as valet parking on the street.

Before approval by the board, there were several conditions that had to be met. Some of the conditions recommended by City Staff include:

  • Payment of $35,000 for a comprehensive study for traffic operations at the NE 14th Street intersections at Federal Highway and NE 23rd Avenue
  • Provision of a bond amounting to $250,000 to the City to finance future traffic operations study like traffic signal timing

Before voting for approval of the site plan, Carla Coleman, a member of the Planning and Zoning board said, “This has to be one of the most keenly contested projects the committee has dealt with in a long time. I have to say that the final plans of the project look more appealing than the initial plan we were presented. I believe our inputs helped along the way.”

With the plan getting a green light, the next step is to get a development order, so as to start the permission process.


Amazing Sellout for Mopar Hellephant Crate Engine 

On April 26th, which is named as Hemi Day, Mopar opened up for pre-orders for its 7.0-liter Hellephant crate engine. In just a few days, reported that that Mopar had run out of stock so customers could no longer pre-order the 426 Hellephant supercharged crate engine.

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Allpar reached out to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for their comments, and a spokesperson responded in an email stating that they closed pre-ordering for the 426 Hellephant engine owing to high demand, the long process of creation and the hand-built nature of the engine.

Fiat also confirmed that the engine was sold out in two days merely from pre-order. The spokesperson also directed customers to visit the crate HEMI website for more updates about the engine.

Although there is no much information about the exact number of units sold during the 48 hours of pre-ordering sales, there is reason to believe that about 100 units of the crate engine were sold. It was a groundbreaking success for Mopar to report such a high demand for its latest engine.

One peculiar thing about the 426 HEMI Hellephant engine is the spec and properties. The engine comprises of its 745 kilowatts, 426 cubic inches, and 1,000 horsepower capacity.

Insiders from Mopar expressed that they got support from Tool Engineering International when creating the engine. The engine was assembled by the experienced installers and engineering company, Tools engineering, though Mopar created some parts of the engine. It is believed that the 426 HEMI is the most potent crate engine ever to be offered by an OEM.


They also clarified that the sold-out Hellephant engine is not similar to the expected 426 7.0 liter HEMI V8

There is countless perplexing information about the engine as compared to others from Mopar. Unlike other Mopar products, Officials from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) are not sure the Hellephant will have the 100,000-mile warranty for three years.

FCA, however, opines that part number P on the motor is a form of protection that covers material or workmanship defects noticed within 90 days. The warranty covers these faults and mistakes as long as engines are used for other activities than for contests.

Another striking piece of information is that only the dealers have access to order the 426 Hellephant engine, and orders can only be made for one engine every week.

Many intending customers and enthusiasts didn’t get the opportunity to purchase the 950 pound-feet 1000 horsepower engine that was sold at $29,995.

With the higher increase and the overwhelming demand for 426 HEMI Hellephant crate engines, the company might open up another pre-ordering for those who couldn’t get the product in the coming year. Hemi enthusiasts can, in no doubt, expect upcoming sales.

Some reports have it that Mopar will be developing a new limited engine, and people can also expect Apollyon’s pachyderm to return soon.

Note, Mesa Balancing of  South Florida the company performs crankshaft balancing.

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