Looking clear, odorless, tasteless – are some of the basic requirements for water that you can consume. This method is the easiest of the many complex scientific methods in determining the right drinking water. But, whether this method is enough to determine the safety of the water you drink? Then, what is water suitable for drinking like?

Some say tap water or tap can be drunk because it is sterile and free from germs. Yes, no doubt tap water or tap water is indeed through a sterilization process by using chlorine to kill bacteria that are in the water. In addition to chlorine, tap water may contain several chemical components in the form of dioxin and carcinogens within certain limits. The entry of chlorine does kill bad micro-organisms so many people think that tap water or tap is clean and suitable for consumption. Is that right? for more information : reverse osmosis installation delray beach florida

Even though it has gone through a sterilization process, the water has undergone oxidation (the process of combining a substance with oxygen or the release of electrons from a molecule). If it has been oxidized it is certainly not good for your health. A good condition for water is that it can reduce, that is, the acceptance of electrons by a molecule. How do you know this? The measuring tool is the existence of electrical potential. Yes, if the electrical potential is low – surely this water has the power to reduce. Meanwhile, if the electrical potential is high – of course water can oxidize other substances.

Water that has a high reduction ability can be produced through a water purification system that can produce beneficial ions by electrolysis. When this process takes place, calcium and magnesium in the water will stick to the cathode, so that the water that has been produced can obtain more minerals. In addition, this process also forms an active hydrogen that is able to get rid of free radicals as well as substances in the tap water. This is the category of water that is fit for drinking, not only clear and clean, but is alkaline and many minerals.

Drinking water also has other provisions, for example the ratio of calcium to magnesium which has a ratio of 2: 1. Example; water that comes from ocean waters, why? Because not only magnesium and calcium, copper, iron, fluorine and various other minerals. Then, how can you get the right level of water hardness? Yes, maybe the measurement of water hardness is not an absolute obligation, because there are so many means to get drinking water But, it never hurts to know!

Water hardness is obtained by adding up the product of calcium and magnesium multiplication. This consists of the amount of calcium multiplied by the number 2.5. And multiplication of the amount of magnesium with 4.1. It is complicated to calculate this sum, especially if we are not experts in this matter. However, what is done is a water purification machine that has a large reducing power. Amazing is not it? Is your drinking water safe for consumption? Of course, the government has tried to provide you with adequate water needs!

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