Important Tips for New Medicaid Recipients

Medicaid provides millions of poor and low-income Americans with affordable healthcare. In the absence of this immensely important program, countless individuals would be left without health coverage. If you’ve recently become a Medicaid recipient, there are several important tips you’ll need to take to heart. Although this program covers a wide range of procedures and enables you to see an equally wide range of specialists, it does have its limits. To get the most out of Medicaid, new recipients would do well to put the following pointers into practice.

1. Make Sure Your Preferred Treatment Centers are Medicaid Compliant

Before receiving treatment from a provider, confirm that they’re Medicaid compliant. Unbeknownst to many new recipients, a fair number of healthcare facilities don’t accept Medicaid. Although first-rate imaging centers like are happy to serve Medicaid recipients, certain hospitals and privately-run facilities are not. With this in mind, visit a provider’s website and peruse their list of accepted plans before booking an appointment. In the event that you don’t see Medicaid listed, place a call to the office for confirmation.

2. Select a Medicaid HMO That Meets Your Needs

Certain states require Medicaid recipients to select an HMO after being approved. In many of these states, failure to select an HMO within 30 days of approval will result in one being chosen for you. When perusing HMO providers, look for plans that cover the types of doctors, treatment facilities and medications you need. As an added bonus, many states enable Medicaid recipients who are unhappy with their respective HMOs to select different providers in a relatively hassle-free manner.

3. Don’t Abstain from Seeking Treatment Because of Societal Stigma

Even though the program has been around for decades, many Americans attach an unfair stigma to Medicaid recipients. As a result, certain recipients are too shy and/or ashamed to receive medical treatment through Medicaid. It’s important for Medicaid recipients to avoid buying into this mindset, as it can prove detrimental to their overall well being. If you need medical treatment, you have every right to receive it, regardless of what Medicaid’s detractors may think.

Thanks to Medicaid, countless disabled and financially-strained Americans are able to receive the health coverage they need. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that Medicaid doesn’t always represent an end-all solution to one’s healthcare woes. In fact, depending on the state you live in, you may find considerable restrictions placed on your coverage. To truly enjoy the full benefits of Medicaid, make sure that any facilities you go to are Medicaid complaint, choose an HMO that’s suited to your needs and seek treatment whenever you feel that you need it.