Portion Control is at the Heart of Weight Loss

There was no way I was doing gastric bypass surgery. I would not be eligible anyway, because I lost 100 pounds on my own. Then I gained 45 back. I got depressed over work and some health issues and kind of just gave up for a bit. It was winter, and I felt awful in body and mind and really packed the weight back on. All I needed was a head start with establishing a new routine of portion control. That is what helped me last time. I looked into Nutrisystem review sites to see if that weight-loss system would be something helpful to me.

I really needed a way to eat where there was no second serving options. I needed stuff in a package ready to be heated and eaten. For example, if I made spaghetti by the pot, I ate two cups of the stuff rather than the half cup or one cup suggested servings. Sometimes I ate three or four cups. If you have been there, you know what I am talking about. When I lost the 100 pounds, I just cut back on all the food I ate, and I cut out desserts 100 percent. No candy either, except for three or four pieces of hard candy per day. The lozenge kind like butterscotch or cinnamon. On Nutrisystem, I see that I can actually enjoy desserts. That will be a treat, and it will help me stay on the diet until I establish a new routine.

That is basically all that it is. You need to establish a new eating routine. No more stuffing yourself until you can’t eat anymore. No more in-between meal meals. Yeah, you know what I am talking about if you have read this far. There is a way to lose weight, and I think it starts with getting help in limiting the quantity you take in. A meal system like Nutrisystem seems to be the way to go.