If  you’re in management, you are probably aware of the range of terms that are used to describe the  processes and tools that make up project management. Terms such asProblem  Statement, Budget, Scope Statement and Contact Sheet may sound like easy words, but in reality they make up only  part of a project manager’s work life.  In this article we will consider some additional aspects of project  management that make a significant difference in the nature of the project. As you could find on a PRINCE 2 practitioner Courses and training.

To begin, let’s understand exactly what a project is. A project is a temporary interdisciplinary task that develops to deliver something of high-level  quality and, therefore, of high-level benefit. This definition is a simple exercise. The real world is more complex. For example, a project defined by a highly skilled and experienced individual may be classified as a very demanding temporary task; whereas, many more simple projects may be accomplished with a high degree of efficiency and quality. In a similar way, a simple task may be delegated to a capable individual who is capable of handling the task easily and efficiently. Conversely, this same individual may be responsible for a very challenging and important but very highly demanding temporary task. In other words, a simple task may become quite expensive and expensive. Conversely, an individual with respect to complex tasks may be subject to greater viewpoints and other priorities, which can result in a significantly higher level of difficulty. Obviously, the extent to which these tasks are classified as complex or not varies widely.

Projects are temporary and thus are typically created by professionals and in most cases  professionals attend a recognized university within their same national area or they attend the proper School of  Management to obtain the necessary training. Regardless of their origination, these individuals generally deliver considerably  valuable time and energy.

At the end of the day, each project is �in terms of it being a distribution of time, resources, and resources  to produce products or services

In terms of it being a temporary task or

in terms of it being a solving of some type of problem

Management is about human beings and not necessarily about technology. Each task must relate to the user at the personal level, not necessarily the task at the group level. Never assume that your tool box is sufficient  to take care of your needs. Use technological tools only as a means to an end to ensure the achievement of your project goals, not the end itself.

Proper tools such as project management software are excellent tools that can be used to improve management  tasks. Unfortunately many task managers do not use them properly orhave the tools wrong. There  are many good tools available  for project management, but its use depends on both the process and task using them.

The tasks are highly personal in nature. The range of expectations, the extent to which the tasks will be delegated and the technical aspects of the task; are all very different. Managers should ensure that management tasks remain sufficiently personal to ensure the achievement of project objectives.

Tasks are very likely to get status updates by multiple individuals  in a group; this ‘is a team’ structure. These statuses can potentially lead  to more work being assigned to the individual than should. If this feedback is given second-to-second and  therefore,  it is not updated on a timely basis it will lead to costly delays and, therefore,  errors. The details of the tasks can be discussed at  the creation of the task, however with this context its’ importance should be taken into consideration

Patterns significantly vary between people all working together.  Ensure that you make use of a formal process that enables the group to define, agree and distribute tasks, forecasts and results. The rationale that you come up with will reveal the existence of this set of commonalities.  But a few words of caution, consider the possible   baggage that may be carried through your thoughts and experience. Emotional and personal baggage can be  very heavy and  can tracts you logically without its reactor unease. Work in a  group alone to ensure that your new group will be able to share its work and will be able  to compare results from the project with previous work and communication. boatloads into  a task; carry your baggage from the working  environment.

A number of tasks must be tackled in a  group for the project to be considered a success, yet these tasks could be  extremely different to those that are normally tackled in individuals. A concise job  summary is more likely to be accurate, whilst managing the task, if the individual process of action is documented and communicated. Once executed in an  understanding, it can be broadcasting to the group as a standard.

Create a good communication plan or trail how deadlines will be reached.

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