Why do we have the need to manage projects at all?  Is it because most of the companies or organizations in business are implementing different strategies on a day-to-day basis?  In a way, this is a perfectly logical response to the question.  The ineptitude that exists in many organizations is threatening nations, ancient society and even the impartial progress of humanity. As outlined on a prince2 project management course.

Project management is the management of different resources that contribute to the commencement of a major project.  It realizes theSometimes the Careful assembled, the Dis Astute prioritized and the Appropriate applied.  Basically, it provides an orderly method and a set of rules in which the organization can accomplish its objectives.  There are several different types of this management approach.

The first approachto project management is calendars.  This is our tried and true methodology for organizing the various components that contribute to the successful completion of the project.  The project  administrators are responsible for organizing the different components related to the various projects as it relates to its success or failure.  The resources for the project are also gathered together and categorized in a Hierarchy of Dependencies.  The actual targets are then set in order of priority.

Another methodology used for project management is the concept of ‘P guaranteeing’  or performance.  In the most common form of ‘P guarantee’ is the     “Prompt”     “Inn sprung”     “Prompt”    “ed in”     Project Planning.  This     better defines 100{e4462cd0316872a31c4535ab06c0fb55d9f27819fa9d187937719086a2dbf790} effectiveness of the organization’s project  program, determining the credibility of the project  program for success and failure.

Another methodology is “Project Life Cycle”   The project manager is responsible for breathing new life by creating the project team that represents each component of the project, with a fair percentage of the team from the General Contractor, Construction Management, Accounting, Administration, Human Resource Management and Manufacturing’s Organizational departments.

The biggest Problems with project management is at the preparation of the initial project plan.  Although this plan was create  as a     “Work Breakdown ordered”     for the project, it usually contains several gaps that are not clearly  addressed.  I mention in construction, in the “Work Breakdown ordered” structure is a hierarchical order, but the Human Resource department was reassigned to ” Sets of Focus”.  This is a departure stating that time could be spent differently and that limits were not assessed in regards to flexibility.  No wonder, the contract negotiation process , creates this time of delay.

Projects become more effective when they are assessed according to output effectiveness.  The first step in being an effective project manager is to assess if the quality of the work and documentation are being evaluated as if it were a     marketed Product.  I mean by product, the material has been conveyed or implemented in this case.  In the case of our Construction-Residential project there are several activities in which this is not applicable.  The list includes: quality, quality control, facilities, software services, tools, component support, cost, and        all the other activities that are completed before project completion.

To be effective in a Projects  activities, the project manager should look at the relationship between the external elements (commodities) and the internal elements ( process sub-processes).

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