Some Types Of The Best Breastfeeding Food For Babies

Types of Healthy Porridge For Babies

For the first, we’ll give you some good list of porridge given to the baby, for more detail information¬†complementary food. Usually, not a few mothers who are still confused in introducing what kind of porridge is good given to the baby. For that, the following list of slurries is expected to be a solution for the mother to be able to present a delicious and healthy porridge for the baby.
1. Milk Porridge

Milk slurry is generally the most recommended type of food given to infants as the first breastfeeding food. This type of food is a solid food that is well supplied and introduced first in infants. In addition to the delicious taste, the texture of milk porridge that should be made more dilute will be the first healthy meal so baby can adapt better.

As for how to make this food is easy enough, all you need is rice flour as much as 1 tablespoon and mixed with formula milk about 200 ml. Then by using a spoon, dissolve these two ingredients evenly until they are mixed and their viscosity texture can be adjusted to your liking.

Cook these two mixtures using a small flame in a pan until boiling evenly, until the mixture becomes slightly thickened. When the flour clumps, it should first filter.
2. Potato Milk Powder

The second type of porridge is a potato milk porridge, this porridge is suitable to be given to infants who have just entered the age of 6 months. Variety of food in babies is enough so that the baby does not feel bored because it always consume the same type of food repeatedly.

To make this dish is actually quite easy, all you need is 50 grams of potatoes that have been peeled and steamed and cut into small pieces. Then provide formula milk mixed with this ingredient.

fig making is quite easy. The first is to smooth the potatoes that have been mixed with a little milk, then puree with a blender machine evenly. After that, enter the remaining formula milk and mix it evenly. Same as the above slurry, when the potatoes clot, then filter first before serving.
3. Vegetable Porridge

Babies need to consume various types of vegetables in order to maintain healthy body and meet the nutritional needs required by the body. And vegetable porridge is one kind of good healthy food and is recommended to be given to babies aged 6 months.

How to manufacture this type of food was fairly simple. You only need as much as 50 grams of broccoli that has been cut and steamed. Then mix together with 5 tablespoons of formula powdered milk or mixed with breast milk.

To make it you just need to mix these two ingredients with milk and puree with a blender. Then mix all the remaining milk and stir it evenly.

Actually, you also should not only have to use broccoli, replace it with other vegetables and with a greater amount of variation is okay.