A ghastly fire has damaged a Persian supermarket in Adelaide.

Firefighters and police responded to an emergency call to Almas Supermarket at the early hours of Monday.

A Metropolitan Fire Service spokesperson said the fire which severely damaged the supermarket first started at the Deli section of the supermarket, before moving to the roof.

According to the spokesperson, it took 22 firefighters 15 minutes to put the flames under control, and an extra 15 minutes to complete extinguish the fire.

Both the building and stocks inside the supermarket were badly damaged. Reports suggest that the damage to the building will cost around $100,000 while the damaged stock will reach $500,000.

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One of the eyewitnesses recounts his experience. Tony Curcio has one of the nearby stores close to the supermarket said he was alerted by his alarm company.

“I received a call at about 5.20 am from my alarm activation company. They said there was a break-in,” he mentioned.

“I quickly rushed over, and instead of seeing a break-in, I saw firefighters and police trying to put out a fire. I looked around and found out that the fire had originated at the Persian supermarket,” he continued.

“By the looks of things, I think the entire supermarket is a write-off, and by all indications, the stocks are damaged beyond recognition.”

Mr. Curcio said his business was free from any damage apart from a few water spillage.

Another tenant had his front door broken. Firefighters had to smash the store door to investigate the fire spread.

The supermarket suffered the highest loss on the day. The supermarket had been in operation in the area for three years.

All efforts to get the owner to talk to the press proved abortive as the owner didn’t want to talk to the media.

“We’ve gotten in touch with them. Right now, they don’t want to talk to anyone as they are feeling depressed and in pain,” Mr. Curcio said.

“Right now, they are currently making plans on what they will do next. The supermarket will be closed for a long time, and they will need to get their minds around that.”

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“Our power runs through their building; we also need to access if our electricity is damaged. If it is, we would be without power for a while, so we hope that’s not the case.”

Investigators are currently working on the case, and the cause of the fire is still undetermined.


Lead Pipe Reimbursement On Its Last Legs

The Department of Public Works is in touch with residents who might have any lead water service line on their property. The department wants such residents to know about the towns proposed plan for pipe replacement and removal. Initial analysis shows that water service lines on homes dating as far back as 1940 will probably have lead pipes.

Residents who wish to participate in the program must contact the department. The DPW has mentioned that there is a fund available to remove and dispose of around 50 lead water service lines in the next 12 months. The funds are made available by the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority.

In the past couple of months, town officials have made a Lead Neck Committee to expedite the process of testing water at more than 500 lead neck pipe locations in addition to their replacement in the next five years.

Director of public works, Jay Gill Said that of the 60 locations tested, three had a high amount of levels above the recommended levels imposed by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection. According to a spokeswoman of the Massachusetts Water Resource, the committee is entirely focused on the safety of people in the area. She also mentioned that any level of lead in water is a risk to people

Eligible homes can get as much as $1500 for replacement and removal. Depending on the pipe length, the cost can climb up to $50,000. Homeowners will have to pay for the cost of the work should the total price exceed $1500. While the program covers re-seeding of lawns, it doesn’t cover walls, fencing or landscaping.

The town oversees the servicing of pipes in roads, and line up to the curb stop. Homeowners oversee the water service pipes that connect the curb stop and water meter in the home

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