Pregnancy, it is a beautiful thing. It has a lot of beauty around it. New life comes to the earth and it all comes from the body of the man and the woman. This is done together, in connection with each other. Very beautiful, but often no thought is given to the man during pregnancy. Sure, a woman has to endure all the pain and is subject to many mental and physical changes, but also the man goes through a lot. Because men don’t get much attention during and after pregnancy, we are going to give a little attention to all men. How are we going to do this? By telling you about the different tests men can do about pregnancy. These tests can provide some clarity, they can bring about changes and so on. In any case, what they do is give attention to the man. So, are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Paternity test

If there is a dispute over custody, it can have many causes. In such a case, the man can take a test; a legal paternity test. This test is legally useful and will eventually show whether the alleged father is actually the biological father. This has legal consequences for custody and alimony, for example. Therefore, it is very important that attention is paid to this. The man can do this test by having a sample taken (usually a saliva sample but also a blood sample is possible) and have the same done with the baby. It is not harmful and is done in complete confidence. The result will therefore bring about many changes.


If the woman is not pregnant yet, but you want to have a child, you can also take a test. This test is also called a home male fertility test. This test can be done at home and the man has to donate all or part of his sperm. The sperm is usually sent back to the lab in a tube and the scientists will test/analyse the sperm in their lab. They will look at the so-called ‘sperm count’. This says something about the man’s fertility and therefore about whether the woman can become pregnant by this man. This can create a lot of certainty and opens the door to other options. Maybe the result is not what you would have wanted for yourself, but it sure as hell helps to know.


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