The Cancer Revolution

Every single day people are dying unnecessarily. Diagnosis’ are given and then brought painfully to reality by patients trusting in their prediction. Doctors, amazing people who dedicate their lives to helping others and who work at specialist centres across the world, such as for example, always fully understanding the incredible power of certainty that their words give to a patient, for better or for worse.

Thousands of people are diagnosed with Cancer each and every year, and the numbers are growing. Families and friends confronting pain beyond measure as they watch a loved one pass, often painfully, away. Children left to bare witness to their once strong parents: parents left with the unbearable task of burying their children.

Why is this happening? Why is it that we have deemed cancerous death as a standard and acceptable part of society?

Ignorance. This is the simple truth of our fast approaching epidemic set to change the human population forever if we do not address the cause of this life-taking dis-ease.

So where do we start? Firstly, we must understand what cancer is…and what it isn’t.

What cancer is not:

It is not a cell gone bad

It is not something that just turns up in your body

It is not something that you definitely acquire simply because a parent had it

It is not something that is incurable!

So what is cancer and what can be done to reverse it?

Cancer is an acidic liquid. When too much acid is created within our bodies through certain lifestyle choices, our bodies remove the acidic waste through 4 natural channels: Urination, Defecation, Perspiration and Respiration.

When we create too much acid for the body to be able to deal with via these 4 channels, our body begins a series of secondary options to neutralise the acids. When it can no longer remove the acid from the bloodstream and place it somewhere safe or get it out of the body, it throws this acidic waste into the tissues. This acidic liquid can then spread to organs and any other part of the body.

This acidic liquid (cancer) destroys the cells it comes into contact with. Imagine a bushel of apples, with one spoiling. As you can imagine the spoilt apple spoils the ones closest to it. This is what happens with our cells. This, in-turn, creates more acid and the cycle of death is in full swing.

The solution then becomes simple…Heavy Alkalisation Of The Dis-eased Body!

This process can, and has done thousands of times, reverse the symptons of cancer. Eating the right foods (see links in resource box for a comprehensive list of alkalising foods and drinks), thinking the right thoughts and doing the right things with your body can and WILL lead to the reversal of cancerous symptons.

So why don’t more people do it? FEAR!

The first and most important step in curing cancer is the belief of the patient that it is possible. When a Doctor tells their patient that they have a set amount of time to live, is it any wonder that very often that person will live for approximately that time frame?

The mindset is more powerful to physically control the human body than even our leading edge thinkers in this field have probably ever imagined. So it begins with the thought ‘I can heal!’ ‘I can beat this’ ‘I will be healthy again!’

The steps from there are simple. Heavily alkaline activities, thinking and eating and drinking.

Another helping hand towards cancer sufferers not surviving their illness is the ridiculous treatments that are given to them. Through incredible fear, cancer sufferers are usually persuaded to undergo chemotherapy. A process of pumping highly acidic substances into an already overly acidic body.

Thus creating conditions that are even more condusive to loss of life.

All in all, I am absolutely sick of seeing people die painfully and having to go through the destruction to their lives and the lives of those around them, when true education and guidance of a real solution is so simple.

I hope I do not offend you by suggesting the simplicity of this, but it is my true and strong belief that most people who pass due to cancer can be healed.

Jade Goody does not have to die! And for goodness sake, someone please get the message to her. If you know anyone who is in the middle of a cancer ‘battle’ please pass this message on.

Cancer is reversible and can be healed. It doesn’t always have to mean the end for the sufferer and there are certainly steps we can take to make sure our body never has to suffer the slings of this disease.nce, the name autointoxication: you’re poisoning yourself. Once in the bloodstream, the undigested debris, now a foreign irritant, can take up residence in any organ or tissue it finds room. Chronic inflammation begins, and gradually, degeneration of that organ. Here are some of the diseases that such a sequence can cause: Chronic Allergies—– Jaundice, Kidney disease—– Acne, Hepatitis—– Psoriasis, Blinding headaches— AIDS, Arthritis—– Pancreatitis, Chronic fatigue syndrome— Depression, Infections——- Fibromyalgia, Septicemia—– Multiple Joint Pain Syndrome, Dermatitis—– Autoimmune Disorders, Candida albicans—– Cancer.”

But compare Fungi producing mycotoxins: The Fungal/Mycotoxin Etiology of Human Disease (particularly CANCER) stating that “All humans are colonized by Candida albicans and normal healthy persons do not die from this organism. This organism plays a very little role in causing human diseases. The concept that Candida causes many diseases is NOT a part of Fungalbionics nor is it supported by the extensive medical literature relative to Candida.”
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s detoxification protocols

Some of the best and most thorough detoxification therapies may be the cancer and “self-health” protocols developed by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. Thanks to Dr. Clark’s very generous permission, excerpts from her books may be freely offered on the Internet for non-commercial purposes. That’s why I offer extensive excerpts from her work The Cure For All Diseases for download. The Cure For All Diseases describes her health model “aimed at removing parasites and pollutants at their source” and suggests dental, dietary, body and home cleanups including Dr. Clark’s protocol for curing cancer (she goes into much greater detail re healing cancer in her other books which specifically address this disease). The excerpts featured here include Dr. Clark’s instructions for her widely used parasite, liver, kidney and bowel cleanses. According to the The Cure For All Diseases, “Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and increased sense of well being. Cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that you can do to improve your body’s health.”
Download excerpts from The Cure For All Diseases in doc (1235 KB) or zip (976 KB) format.
Excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers.
Detoxification with the “Master Cleanser”

Developed and thoroughly researched by Stanley Burroughs, the Master Cleanser protocol (mainly consisting of “lemonade” made from lemon plus maple syrup or blackstrap molasses) appears to be a particularly effective way to fast and internally cleanse while preventing and healing various ailments without incurring significant energy loss or discomfort. Details on the Master Cleanser
Detoxification through colonics and colon cleansing

Here is quite a graphic description of what the intestines can “hold in store” as revealed by a series of colonics… And you’ll find a fascinating puzzle piece illuminating the mind/body connection in Is there a connection between old emotions and colon cleansing?