Halloween is right around the corner and everybody is excited to get their costumes ready. Many people are enthusiastically decorating their homes with all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations. This year is very appealing as people can come out freely from the constraints that the pandemic had placed last year!

Though we have come out of the pandemic successfully, there are still repercussions around. Parents are still worried about sending their children out in public places fearing they’d catch the virus. Even vaccinated adults are prone to be affected by the new version of the virus. 

Then what are the precautions to consider this season? Read below to know,

Wear the mask and sanitize

One cannot stress enough the importance of wearing a mask and sanitizing the hands. Spoiler alert! These simple gestures will not save your life altogether but can help you refrain from spreading the virus or catching it.

While wearing the mask, ensure that both, nose and mouth are covered. The virus is airborne so, neither outdoors nor outdoors are safe. Wearing a mask when socialising will make everyone feel safe. The same goes with sanitizing the hands too. Since we touch so many surfaces, sanitizing prevents you from self-inoculation.

Outdoor parties are in!

Until the Covid is in check, having indoor parties is a big no-no. We all know that Halloween means indoor parties and haunted houses but, the chances of being affected by the virus indoors are higher. It is because of the lack of proper ventilation in the house.

To be honest, every activity that includes several people will have the risk of transmission. Regardless of whether you’ve been vaccinated or not, maintaining distance, wearing a mask and vaccination of the other people should matter.

Know thy neighbours

Having the Halloween event would mean either you are being invited to a house or inviting the near & dear to yours. In such cases, keep the contacts of the closest hospitals and doctors in handy. It helps to avoid any unforeseen circumstances on the day of the event or post the event.

Accessing contacts has become easier than before. With an AI-powered website like GetEmail.io, you can find that email contact you’ve been searching for for a while! It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So, finding the email address of the profile becomes easy.

A safe play for kids

If you have to let your kids out for trick-or-treating, then advise those young minds with precautious information. Encourage them to have a small group while going to houses asking for treats. Inform them about the risks for avoiding social distancing. 

And if you’re giving out candy and treats to the kids, ensure to sanitize them beforehand. Be mindful of the distance and remind the kids as well. Though transmission through touching the surfaces is comparatively less, be vigilant with hygiene practices.


It is up to an individual’s choice to be vaccinated or not. Educate the ones that haven’t gotten one. Do not bully the other party for their decisions rather, be wise and keep the required distance!

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