Have you ever been into a situation to get inside a store and can’t make up your mind about what sunglasses type fits best on your face? A lot of people have, it’s nothing new or strange.

If you have the time to choose, go ahead and do it. For those that like to do the job faster, here’s a guide of what kind of frame shape is best for your face.

This is a great helper for those who’re about to look for prescription sunglasses as this will help them pick the best option they can.

Types of shapes

Women’s sunglasses are different than men’s. However, the basic in choosing the perfect frame is in the shape of the face and not so much in the gender. There are 5 types of different shapes – oval, hearth, round, square, and triangle. Let’s go over them and see what’s best for each one of them.


The oval shape of the face is considered to be the best of the faces. Why? Because everything seems to be in place here. Everything is evenly balanced and the best type of frames for this kind of face would be slightly rounded and with even proportions.


Heart-shaped faces have a prominent forehead and that’s why the best shapes are those who will highlight the rest of the face. You need glasses who have wide bottoms, thin frames and are lighter in color.


The round face has no angles. It is the type of face that is curvy and the length and width are almost the same. You need a pair of glasses that will make the face seem longer. Cat-eye style frames would be the best option.


Square faces are evenly proportioned in terms of length and width. These people have a strong chin and obvious forehead. This is also the type that needs to make the face longer. Try glasses who are less oval and have lots of width and depth.


The triangle has a strong chin and gets smaller as we go up to finish with a small forehead. The best options, in this case, are frames who are going to highlight the upper part of the face. Heavy frames, detailed, and with a lot of width and height.

General tips

If you found out about your type of face, but you don’t really like the options you have that are being offered, don’t hesitate to get something else that you like more. The most important thing when getting a new pair is to see better and to feel good.

No one should be thinking about what other people will say. The reason for this is because people will always find something they don’t like no matter how perfect you are. This rule can be used while choosing a pair of sunglasses too. Pick the ones that you love, not the once that is suggested by the critics.

However, don’t forget that the main reason you’re buying prescription sunglasses is health. Sun rays can seriously damage your sight and that’s why the doctors prescribed the glasses in the first place. Their advice is definitely something you should take in consideration while fashion trends come in second.


Picking the best sunglasses is not an easy job as you can see. Aside from finding the best frames based on your head type, there are few more other rules like the tone of your skin. Based on this, you should look for a different color of the frames. Look for the tone and frame color rule here.

This is also something that you should mind when picking out the perfect pair but it is not something that you won’t do without. Generally, you need to contrast. If the tone is cooler you need a warmer frame, if you have a cooler tone, the opposite.

Following this instruction manual should be enough for you to find what’s best for you. If you still can’t make up your mind, you can always go to the optician and ask for advice based on the prescription you got from the optometrist or the ophthalmologist.

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